It’s not about a big kitchen, but it’s about how you feel when you enter the heart of something. Yes… I am talking about heart; the heart of your home’s “Kitchen”. Here are 6 ways to decor a small kitchen.

As I am a foodie by nature with lots of appetites. So I love cooking and every couple of hours I am standing in the kitchen. Not only me but most eaters do this.

As a result, you need to decorate your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small. I think a small kitchen is more friendly and convenient as compared to big kitchens and they look cute too.

The kitchen is the place where you feel comfortable and being too joyful. So it is important to choose the right kitchen set. The furniture in the kitchen must be efficient and functional, allowing you to place everything you need and convenient to use. So here I’ll tell you, how to decor your small kitchen and make your kitchen friendly, So walk with me and let’s decor your dream kitchen & bring the kitchen of your dreams closer to reality.

Here’re the main points which need to be noted and the most important thing is that I will share some important points in this post, related to how to decor your kitchen without spending too much or at an affordable cost.

As I said, below are the important ways to decor a small kitchen-

1- Kitchen wall texture

this kitchen wall texture is the best way to decor small kitchen

Okay…The most visible thing is… the texture of the wall, in this picture the kitchen is calmly influenced by the contrast between the wall color and the cabinet.

By using light wall texture with a dark wooden floor, your kitchen reflects more spacious and you can also use dark wall texture with dark cabinets or with a lighten floor to decor your small kitchen.

In 2020, there are several ways to give texture to your kitchen by adding colors and texture. And on other things, like the kitchen wall, kitchen cabinets, or base cabinets in daring colors, like dark red, bright yellow, green, or navy blue.

 There is no limitation in terms of colors to choose for your kitchen, it’s will be a combined classic kitchen cabinet with such materials, like a flower pot, some furniture, classic white glass, or a neutral glass, lights for your kitchen.

       “ Balance the Kitchen Textures”

2- Kitchen Decor with Cabinet

There is nothing like an all-white kitchen, but nowadays, there is a range of other impressive colors, mostly for kitchen cabinets. But choosing the right tone for your small kitchen cabinets can be a frustrating process, so here I’ll share some of my views to get out of this frustration.

as per the above picture makes your kitchen stand out by going through bold colors. Royal Blue cabinets reflect a touch of sparkle to space.

To be sure, Blue is not the only color available. so you can also go with red, golden, green, black, or even many metallic colors. And you can also find matte shades to revive your small kitchen, If you wanna choose a bold color, you need to neutralize it so ensure that you don’t overload the boldness.

“If everyone would look for that uniqueness then we would have a very colorful world.” 

-Michael Schenker

3- Lightning  Spot

Has anyone noticed why a bunch of lights is required in the kitchen..?…No..? I tell you why…

Lights give spacious reflections of an object, it spreads the image of an object, so adding more lights in your kitchen, reflects your kitchen more spacious than before.

As per my point of view, instead of choosing cabinet color for the kitchen, choose several materials to decorate your small kitchen by using flowerpot, lights, pendant lights, task light, under cabinet light, ambient lighting, accent lighting, accent fixture lights and also it’s trending now.

So the winner of the small kitchen for glossy influence goes to the “Lights” because lights are always beautiful, the additional track lighting makes the kitchen not just beautiful but also well illuminated. 

“The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house, meaning you need a glow in the kitchen that can make you stand in”

4- Kitchen furniture

Absolutely… we all dream of the luxury kitchen. But, not everyone can get or have a spacious kitchen area t0 make luxury. Tough, huh? For this, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus what has, we at wooden street take your small kitchen furniture to the max by using some smart tricks.

Let’s come to the snap, the whole furniture as white features, Which provides additional calmness with an ancient view and also shares an auxiliary dining table in the kitchen.

Therefore, connect a kitchen with a Lil dining area with cute and shortage furniture, such as a round table with two chairs or you can also add a small country table. This is the best way to create a nook.

One of the easiest ways to elaborate your Lil dining area with some creativity, only you need to throughout your kitchen is to hang vintage signs that say things like “Grocery” or “Meat Market”. You can find them on Etsy, Amazon, or at your local antique store.

Tip – The counter-top adds a spot for breakfast if you don’t have room for a nook in the kitchen.

5- Floor Texture

if you have a small & tiny kitchen and always wanted to maximize every inch of space and also got tired to see your old kitchen every day and that you need a fresh kitchen layout design. So, guys, this tip is for you. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Hence you guys are going to be an architect and now you are going to build someone’s heart. Surprised…? okay I’ll tell you…I mean you are going to revive your home’s heart which is Kitchen.

There are many ways to create a comfortable kitchen space that looks impressive. Creating a comfortable atmosphere that you can start from the bottom of the floor. Floor tiles are one of them.

As you can see in the above picture, the entire kitchen is evaluated with the help of flooring. This lovely and elegant flooring brings brightness, more spacious, and freshness in this kitchen.

The wood flooring is in trend now and for that, there are lots of wooden shades, which coincide with dark textures as well as light textures.

6- Decorative Stuff

As per my research, a few years ago no one had heard of decoration or kitchen decoration, they just thought for the living room, why ..? Because guests are seated in the living room, no guests enter the kitchen, so there is no need to worry about the kitchen decoration … but over time people heard about the kitchen decoration and They felt they needed it.

But the issue is not resolved here, the next issue that arises were that only large and luxury kitchens can be decor… Seriously ..?

So here I’m going to share some small and easy ways to decorate your small kitchen so that you can express the cuteness feature of your small kitchen.

Here are the indices to revive your small kitchen:- 

  • kitchen decor with Armless metal stool
  • Vintage wall mounted
  • kitchen Decor With organic 
  • kitchen decor with Melody storage
  • Pot rack
  • Add mirror
  • Categorize Clever 
  • Wall Enhance
  • Add a sign in the kitchen
  • Add Book in kitchen

kitchen Decor Arm less metal stool

If you are troubling with one wall kitchen, then this island idea can relieve you of this trouble and also creates your dining table by simply adding these armless metal stools or other armless stools.

The Best thing about Armless stool is- it is an affordable range and looks rich too.

The most important point that this will not only for your eating and preparing purposes, but it can also create a separation between the living room and the kitchen, which doesn’t give a tiny look to your kitchen.

arm less metal stool for kitchen decor.

Vintage wall mounted

Create wall-mounted shelves, it also makes more storage space to keep all your items in one place. And it can also use as a showcase place.

vintage wall mounted for extra space.

kitchen decor With Organic

Use your organic thumb, add some green compact plants in your kitchen. Such as- ZZ plant, coffee plant, rubber plant, etc.

Plants make everything feel happier.

Kitchen Decor Melody storage-

Showcase your kitchen with a vintage look by using the rejected Almira and it also creates extra storage in your small kitchen.

melody storage for extra storage.

Pot Hanging

One thing we all struggle with. The problem is not always the same. Sometimes it is the lack of space that makes it impossible to have enough storage in the small kitchen. So thinking at this point we can use the method of hanging utensils and they give elegance to the kitchen and there is a fashionable trend in the interior of the kitchen.

pot hanging for utilizing wall as storage.

Add  Mirror

Adding a mirror into your kitchen injects a touch of glamour and spacious benefits. The reflective surface bounces light back across a kitchen. It’s a simple but highly effective way to make your small kitchen look bigger.

Categorize Clever

Clutter is usually a side effect of not having enough storage. Often, more storage isn’t the solution — simplifying and de-cluttering your kitchen with the help of a below-shown picture.

categorize clever

Wall Enhance

If you think, only the living room wall and bedroom wall want decoration, then you might be wrong here. Choose to add some paper sketch, analog wall watch, even blank frames, and wall gallery in the kitchen.

wall enhance, add wall gallery.

Add sign

Define your kitchen with adding a few signs, that will share open ideas from your kitchen and that will feel like you’re hanging out with your friends at the nook. Signs such as- ‘Just beat it’, Bakers-Gonna bake’, ‘Meat Market’, ‘Chop it like it’s Hot’, ‘Out of your League’.

add sign

Add Book

Here’s the last show-stopper-

For not needed corner in your kitchen. you can add more accessories. Such as a book, book-stand, newspaper, tab, recipe book.

There are many ways by which you can implement small kitchen decorations. Although having so many ideas, you need to pick the right options. Try everything you want to, just make sure you have fun while you do it!

…So, guys, I hope I have satisfied you. It will be my pleasure if I can solve all your concerns related to small kitchen decor.

If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life. 

-Louis Parrish

Buh-bye..see you in the next post…

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