I guess nobody can define the POWER OF COLOR. It can’t be elaborated by a few words, it’s just a feeling or we can say infinity feelings that we can feel with our eyes. Here I’ll share some of my points to Revive your bedroom with the best color ideas.

See…color plays an important role in our life, as color psychology believed that each color gives off a different Qi flow. This means that different colors affect different parts of your life. 

“I want to paint the rest of my days with the best colors.”

― Debasish Mridha

Since we know the importance of the bedroom, where we stress out all the stresses and weaknesses, where we concentrate and make many decisions in our life.

And as we all know color defines our mood and it can change our depressed mood and enhance the power of thinking with calmness, and all thanks go to its reversible property.

The color is such, that gives you peace and makes your bedroom feel like a haven.  Your bedroom will be a place where you like to come home at the end of the day and color that helps you sleep at night.

So how it will become from just a bedroom to a lovely bedroom.? I tell you and that’s ideas to revive your bedroom with the best color, so come with me to the below.

How to choose the best color for your bedroom..?

The majority of people find it difficult to choose the right color for their bedroom. Adding new furniture will not be difficult, but the question comes is what we will do with the old one..? worried…? I’ll help you here…

Here I will share some points and meanings of some colors that will help you to choose the perfect bedroom color, which stands with your moody nature.

 Psychology of Colors-

Yellow color- Positive, optimistic, and energetic. It strengthens the nervous and digestive system.

Blue color-Trustworthy, calm, and peaceful. Light blue can be relaxing, while dark blue can signify strength and reliability.

Red color- Excitement, passion, strength, dynamic, love, intense, powerful. If you feel very tired, wear a red jumper, and continually breathe its energy into your body.

Green color- Growth, rebirth, nature, stability, endurance. Has a balancing or harmonizing effect.

Grey color- Neutral, corporate, classical, practical, cool, moody. It’s a  color of humility and modesty.

Black color- Bold, powerful, classic, confidence, sophistication, Makes designs feel edgier or elegant.

White color- Simplicity, purity, considered neutral. It conveys cleanliness and minimalism.

Aqua color- Peace, clean, pure, understanding, quiet, soft, tranquility. Feel relaxed while looking at this.

Pink color- Vibrant, rich, royal, artistic, unique, feminine. Symbolizes youthful energy.

So, as I said, above are the psychology of some colors, which define and reflect their property well.

Below, we’ll go over 9 of the most popular wall paint colors and the psychology behind them.



yellow bedroom color idea is best for giving golden touch. in this room golden floral wallpaper with wooden ceiling give warm touch, the golden curtain and white furniture with little pot.

There is no doubt in saying, that Yellow is the King of brightness.

As you can see, this yellow floral wallpaper combined with grey shade brings such golden brightness and add liveliness. I suggest that you need to bring it to your dull bedroom.

The wall light and the mustard yellow color reflection shares the rich look in this room and the wooden block on the ceiling balance the brightness.

 Yellow is considered a memorable color, this is why basic sticky notes come in yellow color.

Tip- when choosing the shade, try to avoid the school bus look by selected muted shades or simply balance with grey.



As we all know The Royalty of Blue but the other property is known as the calming effect. Blue has been scientifically proven to lead to a better night’s sleep. 

In this picture, the timeless combo of blue and white looks classic. The corner that brings a beach view and the corner carpet that looks like sand, an array of plants at different heights, to pull the outdoors in. This wooden bed and decor elements make this room warm and inviting.

Tip- for balance and style combine blue with orange, some shade of blue, like turquoise, promote communication.



Ohh my God…it’s about Red, the Language of Love.

If I have a chance to express my feeling on this Red color than the word like this- I feel that the red color symbolizes love. So if you want little drama with loveliness, then you can go through with red color.

Red is dramatic and exciting, so you can easily blend it with white to tone it down. This color not only makes your room exotic but also makes you confident about yourself.

As per my point of view on this picture, the Red color is partially combined with white color, which makes the marinated chemistry in this room and that brings a modern look in this room and the wooden furniture around the bed shares worm touch. Look at the flooring, what a piece…I must say … The black and white carpet brings a special character in this bedroom and this is my favorite one.

Red color is not only for love it’s also linked with passion.

Tip- When red decor is teamed with white it becomes crisp and sharpened, black builds drama whilst shades of grey tame, with blue it becomes energized, and gold enriches. Red can bring so many looks to your bedroom.



Does color affect your mood..? is… According to several studies, it has been proven to lift your mood. Green is a very down-to-earth color. It can represent new beginnings and growth.

Bring this earthy color into the bedroom subtly with the use of plants, or paint a wall with a relaxing forest green shade to get the benefit of nature. But your heaven is not ready yet, you need to bring one more natural element is warm wood to feel calm and fresh every single second.

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises”  

Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Tip- Green color coincides with every color, so there is no need to think about choosing this color, contrast it with any color.

Revive your bedroom with this color ideas.



Afford that feeling, because Gray is a 2nd best color after blue for a good night’s sleep. 

Gray works so well with dark hardwood floors (the most popular) and it also does well with light hardwood floors.  It’s a cool color and cool tones are in – whether it’s for the walls, floors, area rugs, and other fabrics as well as cabinets. It just seems to work everywhere.

Also, It is a very adaptable color, as it can be made to match with your lighter color or your darker tones.

As you are absorbing this picture, The Grey color goes great with any bold colors as its accents, and also it matches bright ones like- orange, pink, or yellow, black. and as per my experience, The combination of warm colors reflects a relaxing and comfortable bedroom.

The gray color is also a symbol of a retro and classy look, which can help to make your dream bedroom.

“Gray is the queen of colors because she makes everyone else look good”

Helen Van Wyk

Tip- Grey becomes increasingly and popular in both the fashion and interior design world, gray can induce positivity if used properly.  Overuse of this color can create a moody or somber atmosphere so be sure to choose neutral colors to create a crisp and clean environment- try grey bed sheets against a backdrop, you won’t be disappointed!



Wow…what a masterpiece, I’m impressed with this…I love Black color 🥰 and such type of creativity makes me more addicted to black. This is a new form to revive your bedroom.

The black color is like a mystery, You can do the trick by simply painting the ceiling. One of the biggest trends this year encourages efforts. Colorful, graphic, black wallpaper will make a difference when placed above your head  – even the classic solutions on the wall will reflect the new dimension of elegance. 

The black color is easy to fall in love with. As per its intimacy property, it can be a good choice for your master bedroom.

“Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.” 

—  Ann Demeulemeester

Tip- You should be careful when choosing a shade of black because although it can amplify a room’s size and features, the wrong shade can make the room look too dull.  Use Black and Silver for a glamorous look.

Revive your bedroom with this color ideas.



As we know White is meant for peace but it is also the presence of all colors. Sometimes white is seems as colorless but most people prepare white due to its cleanliness and positive property.

Whitewall color highlights every feature of the room and all thanks to its brightness, which reflects the room more spacious.

 In this picture, the whole room is painted with white color with golden hanging light, which shows an elegant and rich look. But I will suggest and also its the most important thing is that you need to fix the focal point to give your bedroom a modern look, Like this blue and white floor carpet.

Overall white color can create a beautiful calmness and peaceful look.

“I call white the most powerful non-color; it’s clean, optimistic, powerful”   

 -Jason Wu

Tip- a white color often seems as boring, so don’t be afraid to use it with other colors. As white is made the primary focus, so combine this with black. Add black on the bedding and black on the furniture, which will spice up your bedroom.

Revive your bedroom with this color ideas.



This Aqua color can give your bedroom an emotional balance and also create an understanding environment. This color will also put you in a calm state of mind.

You can complement it with something like orange, yellow, or purple. Pops of color from pillows and decorative stuff such as wall frames, the ceiling hanging decor will look lovely against this soft aqua backdrop.

This shade is soft and pure, so you can also pair it with beige or tan for a beachy bedroom look. Adding soft white complements will create a dreamy feel.

But as I earlier said, don’t forget to maintain focal point.

“Each color lives by its mysterious life”

-Wassily Kandinsky

Tip- It’s important to go lighter here.  If your color is too saturated, it can look too bold, too dark, and mismatched.



Pink is associated with romance and joy, as pink color comes in many shades with lots of ideas to revive and can liven up a room. Pink overall represents gentleness, tenderness, youth, and positivity.

nowadays it’s most trending for teenagers to love pink and it does not mean that you can choose pink only on your clothes, now it is in trend to use pink in your bedroom wall.

With some lighting and creativity can make your girly modern bedroom.

“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!”

-Miley Cyrus

Tip- Use as a base a team with neutral colors such as grey for a classic feel, or with bolder colors for a modern feel.

Revive your bedroom with this color ideas.

So guys here are the best 9 colors to revive your bedroom, so tell me Which bedroom wall color is your favorite?

I know guys it’s tough to choose the best color for a bedroom. Even I was very disappointed about this, but after getting to know the meaning of each color, it became easier for me to choose, so it is important to understand the psychology of each color and how each color can change your mood.

I believe that you will choose a color that you love and that makes you feel relaxed.

Buh bye..see you in the next post.😊


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