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It’s being glad for All about Somebody to welcome you on my blog.
I am Pooja Agnihotri, I’m one of the lesser-spoken crowd, but with lots of creativity. All about somebody is basically to share ideas to revamp or build your dream home with a trend of decorating, DIY, hacks, and with lots of ideas, and on the other hand you will say your appetites, yummy with these lovely recipes.
So I hope the ideas you find here will help you to create your home.

Welcome to All About Somebody!

Thank you for stopping by! I’m so happy to have you here, you’ll find my personal journey and how I challenge myself and people around me to bring personal development in order to achieve their dream home.

By this blog, I would love to share, how you’ll easily decorate, build your home from tiny homes to luxury houses. I also love to share food recipes, as I’m foody, so I would love to share recipes, and it makes me happy.

My Journey

Being a less talkative person, I don’t like to talk about everything, so I express my words through writing. some times I don’t even release,
what I’m taking or just often. I’m a very friendly person and sometimes I hesitate to start a conversation.

At that time, I have to leave my home and my family, friends, everything for my higher studies, and after for my job.

I was totally alone and this sucked me!

one day, I was usually surfing uncle google and found some of the interesting people stories who shared their life journeys, that’s the moment an insect scrolling down my mind and finally, I was able to think about starting my own blog and write about my journey and experiences with people, who also left their family, home, friends, childhood memories to fulfill their dreams.

So that they never suffered from the same thing which I was, instead of suffering and finding ways, I can help them with my experiences.

Because it’s normal to do everything all of sudden like from buying your own grocery to wash your clothes, make your own Budget so that you can save some money for
your favorite dress.

And, I believe the self struggle learning is the best teacher for everything, you want to learn. After all these years’ struggles, I become obsessed and read everything.

It wasn’t easy to learn everything, I made mistakes, and work really hard along the way toward my goals. It’s not about only what I want to but also, I love it and enjoy doing it.

Here, I can help you for achieving your dreams and I will share my ideas with you on All About Somebody!

If you have anything to share please feel free to reach out to me:

By email: allaboutsomebody0@gmail.com

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