18 best Curtain designs to Adorn your Home

Sincerely, we love to decorate our homes, likely we use lots of accessories like flowers, painting, wallpaper but take lightly curtains and their combinations…Furniture, fabrics, decor, and even curtains, every single item picked to beautify your home, speaks for itself and adds to the look. All we need to get communication between the complex and contrast of colors, this makes your dull room into a fabulous room with that simple curtains. Here I’m Gona share my views about how to decorate and hang curtains and the 18 best Curtain designs to Adorn your Home.

Royal Red

18 best Curtain designs to Adorn your Home , red royal
Image- Wattpad

This Royal touch with the golden wall will never go out of the trends. The matching of sofas with the curtain color is speechless. Royalness always calls reflection of golden lights, which reflects so expensive as much as gold expensive.

Plastic blinds with blue shadow

18 best Curtain designs to Adorn your Home, blue curtain
Image- Reddit

Why am I calling shadows of blue curtains..? It means like, due to blinds, this blue color looks like a shadow of the moon towards the ground at midnight. It gives positive vibes to the room. It’s cheapest with the modernist idea.

Multicolour Curtains

Image- Eperde

To give a different, cheerful, and colorful touch to your room, then go for this Rainbow look by using tall multicolors curtains, also you can say multicolor look.

Joni Net Pattern

Joni Net Pattern curtain design
Image- Urban Outfitters

Believe me, this curtain will look fabulous in your bedroom or some kind of separation between two rooms. It gives some kind of beach feel like you are still on your seashore trip.

Ruffled shower curtains

Image- evanollefen

Multi-layer with the sequence of colors is something like the wooow.. with this idea you no need to worry about the matching and budget. You need one long door size any fabric and then stitch some same size fabric with the different colors as shown in this picture, it’s also belong from DIY section.

Aline Curtains

Image- behance

As per my point of view, Alien curtains are meant for a formal look, maximum availability of a aline curtains in dark and shady color, which shows clearly patterns of it. This aline curtain design adds richness to this room. either you choose a darker tone of a curtain from the room or an entirely different shade which adds the contrast effect in the room.

Curtains with lights

18 best Curtain designs to Adorn your Home, pink curtain

Pink shows a girlish touch. You can go for it for your kids’ room or baby doll’s room décor. Also, it meant for a cozy corner, a corner is like a kitty party or gossip or some kind of get-together.

Metallic touch

Image-engineering discoveries

Of course..this color never goes out of fashion. With the reference of this Metallic plus golden touch, the room looks awesome. And look at the pattern of this curtain it’s totally different..but this look gives a speechless new touch-tone to your room. Either it’s a single wall or a large wall.

DIY Curtains

Image- m.ok.ru

Why is DIY not here…? See… it’s the best and budget fully idea to enhance the room. Color your little ones’ palm and just play with curtain stuff. This style enhances the interiors of any of your rooms.

Knot design curtain


Given the design of knots at the edge of sheer curtains, these patterns can look dissimilar then as usual and give exotic look.

Double layer Curtain


Looking for a fresh way to outfit your room, a double-layered curtain with contrast color like the picture would be the best idea.

Curtains with pattern


If you don’t need to spend a huge on curtains, then this Gonna be best for your room. Match the sofa pillow with simply a single piece of straight curtains, this matching signifies the coordination between all the stuff each other.

Merge with room

Image- Walmart

cheerful…this is another double-layered idea but in a colorful form. This is another statement of decor room with double layer curtains which creates the center of the attraction.

Tri pattern

18 Curtain designs to Adorn Home, tri pattern

positively…It will look ideal if the curtains will quite match the furniture or wall color in your room. Triple-layer curtains were another ultramodernist idea. The entire room decorates with two shades of color, both colors are common but the matter is how to arrange them.

Traditional vibe

18 Curtain designs to Adorn Home, traditional look
Image-drapery avenue

This looks like a new Indian bride, as the red-golden combination seems some kind of traditional function, this is best for Indian homes as well as others who love to be in a royal look. The beauty of the room is phenomenal.

Floral print

18 Curtain designs to Adorn Home, floral print

Your bedroom reflects the vibes and creates your mood. floral print always reflects goods and freshly vibes as the vervain. Choosing the right color with the right corner it’s an art. 

Shady look

Image-realsimple/ kalsord

It’s a luxurious, modern way of decorating the room. As you see in the picture both are in the form of shades. One is starting with the upper edge, while the other one is ending at the upper edge. it’s fabulous ..it’s my favorite idea and you should definitely go for this.

Macrame curtains

18 Curtain designs to Adorn Home, macrame idea.

If you know the Macrame works then it would be the cheapest idea. Single door curtain design contrasting stitching makes for a stunning statement.  It’s a great way to create unity between the sheer and wooden walls.

I hope all above ideas “18 best Curtain designs to Adorn your Home” will help you to make you dream home.

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